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I empower people and possibility through technology.

Coder. Consultant. Community Builder. Creator.

I bridge business and technology, bringing a broad range of skills and perspectives to projects. 

I hold an MBA, undergrad education in Philosophy and Creative Writing. Took a Rails-focused programming apprenticeship at a Canadian ecommerce company. Fellow on the 2012 Obama campaign. 

Currently running my own consultancy as an idea broker, helping startups distill their unique technical value proposition into something patentable.

Previously co-founder and CTO of an artificial intelligence company. 

Very proud to say my entrepreneurial work has been recognized 2 years in a row with nominations as a Woman of Influence for the Royal Bank of Canada's prestigious Women Entrepreneur awards. 

Some ways I do this bridge work:

  • as an idea broker

  • as a programming teacher

  • as a community manager & organizer

  • as a software developer in social impact projects

  • as a partner manager in larger companies

Happy to connect with anyone who's interested in working together, or even if you want to learn more about any of my areas of work or any of the projects I've done. Feel free to send me questions! Would love to hear from you.




2018 Highlights:

naomi-freeman-hack-lu Privacy by design


isle of ruby: ruby prototyping for impact projects


I’m still open for booking speaking slots for 2019!
Happy to chat about a variety of things, including Privacy by Design, Social Impact Projects (and case studies), Civic Hacking, Open Data, Teaching Code. Always open to other suggestions too.





If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to learn how to code, Treehouse is the place to go. A subscription service offering multiple learning tracks. No matter your goal with coding, you can learn it here!

I taught an Intermediate Ruby on Rails course with Treehouse. I developed the curriculum, screencasts, knowledge and code tests for students, as well as the speaking script.


rails girls Dublin

Rails Girls is an international workshop series inviting women to learn Ruby on Rails in a 2-day workshop format. The learning is concrete and focused on creating an application in the 2-day period. It’s most important that women are introduced to programming and to a great culture. Coaches are a mix of local and international software engineers. After Coaching in D.C., Galway and London, I was thrilled to co-organize my very own Rails Girls in Dublin.

Want to set up your own Rails Girls? Ping me! Happy to get your feet pointed in the right direction.

If you’re already running a Rails Girls in your city, I’d love to chat with you about me Coaching or speaking at your event.



We’re making a circuit with ourselves and the kids here. The orange is one of the controllers for the game. All made by folks 7-10 years old.

CoderDojo is, at its simplest, computer programming clubs for kids run by volunteers. There is no set curriculum. Instead, kids lead what is taught. Organizers and volunteers do create “sushi cards” for some guidance for concepts, and I have helped develop a few of these cards. Check out the sushi card coding resources!

Want to find a Dojo for your child? Check here for local clubs.




Currently co-authoring a book on Software + Empathy

Much of Silicon Valley’s work culture has become toxic for businesses’ and stakeholders’ bottom lines. We’re offering a bottom-up framework of practical empathy for software engineers to implement and create change in culture and business practice at individual, team and organizational levels.


You can learn more about the book at

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