Community. Code. Collaboration.

About naomi

I empower people and possibility through technology. 

I bring together two core areas of expertise: community building and code. These are nestled on top of a foundation in communication. University education in Creative Writing, Rails training from Shopify and experience as a social entrepreneur, community event founder and fellow on the Obama campaign allow me to bring a broad range of skills, perspectives and bridging to projects. 


Some ways I do this bridge work:

  • as an idea broker
  • as a programming teacher
  • as a community manager & organizer
  • as a software developer in social impact projects
  • as a partner manager in larger companies

Happy to connect with anyone who's interested in working together, or if you want to learn more about any of my areas of work or any of the projects I've done. Feel free to send me questions! Would love to hear from you.




Welcome to The Other Side

Idea broker. Programmer. Founder.

Need a hand up getting to the other side?

I consult in a variety of areas in the tech industry
I am an idea broker that can help your startup distill their unique technical value proposition
I can teach a programming course for adults or kids, long-term or short-term
I am available to speak at conferences
I am available for interviews for magazines, blogs, podcasts, documentaries
I can act as an advisor on your startup or diversity board




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