Rails Girls


In Galway I not only created my own original content for a presentation, I also led the girls through the Rails Girls Bento Box Model. It's a useful model to better understand how all of the different programming languages and components to create websites come together.

I had every learner keep track of her "Bento Box" over the weekend.

Teaching #railsgirls the Bento Box model ^.^ #happyplace #teaching #learntocode

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I was particularly proud that this student presented her Bento Box in the demos at the end :)


D.C. was my first experience of Rails Girls and it was absolutely wonderful. It was butted up against a conference happening that weekend so there were lots of Rails devs with lots of experience in from all over the world.

I gave a talk on Hacking for Good - how to use your new Ruby on Rails skills to contribute to social impact projects while levelling up your own skills.

I was also a Coach for the 2-day workshop: helping with installation and building their very first Rails app, using the Terminal and GitHub and all those good things.